We mainly attend the Biophysical Society meeting, Society for Neuroscience meeting, the occasional Gordon conference and the fabled iGluR retreat. Here’s some of the pictures from the latter, mainly from the Bowie lab website.

6th iGluR 2018, Pittsburgh

5th iGluR 2017, in New Haven
Dave is somewhere in the back right

A subset of the 2017 iGluR attendees. (left to right) Dr. Mark. Fleck and Jessica Nuwer (Albany Med College, NY), Dr. Mark Aurousseau, Amanda Perozzo and Ryan Alexander from the Bowie lab, Irene Riva (FMP Berlin) and Drs. David MacLean (URochester), Jim Howe (Yale), Stuart Cull-Candy (UCL, UK) and Derek Bowie (McGill). Great fun celebrating Jim’s career and retirement!

4th iGluR 2016, in Montreal. Completing the tetramer!
3rd iGluR 2015, in Albany

2nd iGluR 2014, in Buffalo

1st iGluR 2013, in Ithaca